173.000,- euro (ID404) Investment or a future village? House with 13 buildingplots for sale, Central Hungary

Interested in starting your own village?
For sale: detached house with 13 building plots.

Recently renovated detached house with guest quarters just outside the town of Csemö, Hungary. Besides the house itsself, which is situated on a 5,611m2 plot, the Hungarian land registry office has allowed for 13 seperate building plots with roads. On each plot it is allowed to build 2 luxury houses or holiday homes.

Csemö, Hungary

Realise your dream village or holiday resort! With this kind of layout, you can ask yourself … do I want to ‘start my own village’? Besides buying your new home or home away from home, this property can be a good investment, depending on your (future) ideas.

The house comprises a covered part outside that can be used as a porch, an entrance hall, kitchen, seperate stock room, storage room, dining room, living room, bedroom, family bathroom with w.c. and a seperate w.c. Recently the house has been fitted with a new roof, taking into account the possibility of realising extra rooms in the attic.

The guest quarters comprise of a living room, kitchen, sleeping room and bathroom with w.c.

Thirteen (13) building plots .. potentially at least 26 buildings
At this moment the alocated building plots are not being used. Each building plot of 2,000m2 has been allowed for buildings till about 30%: for example 4 units of 150m2 / 358 square yards.

Maintenance (mowing) is done by a local farmer. As the local farmer can keep the grass to use it for his livestock, the mowing of the building plots is done free of charge. This allows for investing now and later use.

House 5,611 m2 / 1.387 acres
Allocated to roads: 8,159 m2 / 2.016 acres
Plot 1; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 2; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 3; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 4; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 5; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 6; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 7; 2,935 m2 / 0.7252 acres
Plot 8; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 9; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 10; 2,000 m2 / 0.4942 acres
Plot 11; 2,785 m2 / 0.6882 acres
Plot 12; 2,350 m2 / 0.5807 acres
Plot 13; 2,500 m2 / 0.6178 acres

Please note that conversion to acres has been rounded.

Total plot: 42,340m2 / 10.462 acres

House 5,611 m2 / 1.387 acres
# Living area; approximately 140m2 / 167 square yards
Building materials: loam, stone (bricks)

Living room: 1 + 1
Kitchen: 1 + 1
Bedrooms: 1 + 1
Bathrooms: 1 + 1
Seperate w.c.: 1
Entrance hall: 1
Stockroom: 1
Storage room: 1
Large attic: 1
Terrace: 1

Miscellaneous buildings outside: 2
Fenced (house): partially fenced

Electricity: yes
Water: private well
Hot water: elektric boilers
Wastewater system: septic tank
Heating: authentic tiled stove, wood stove

Television: satellite
Internet: possible

Alarm: yes

The acquisition of furniture is negotiable.

Buyer’s cost

For this property the additional (one-off) cost are:

1% cost of notary/lawyer and land registry fees
2% commission (real estate agent)
This is inclusive of the Hungarian Home Basic Service Level Package
4% Hungarian Tax Authorities Property Transfer Tax**
**this transfer tax is to be paid about 3-6 months after the date of purchase

Included in your purchase of this property we offer you our Basic Service Level Package. In case of emigration to Hungary, optionally, we offer you an extended Service Package. For more information we refer you to our ‘Service Packages’ in the main (top) menu of this website.

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