In Hungary the profession of realtor is a regulated profession that may not be carried out by anyone. A registered real estate agent (ingatlanközvetítő) must have a valid registered license that can only be obtained on presentation of a Hungarian real estate agent diploma.

Hungarian Home is a concept of the Hungarian real estate broker Biztosház Kft., which has been officially registered with diploma reference PT K 121592 at the relevant government authorities in Pécs und license number 07282/2016.

Nevertheless mediators that do not possess such credentials are known to be operational in Hungarian. We urge you be aware of this! When you use the services of such unregistered intermediaries you will have no protection and, as well as the uncertified intermediary, commit a criminal offense.

All properties we offer on our website have been screened in advance by our office and lawyer, mainly on existing debt and/or claims. These checks are done for you to prevend unpleasant surprises that may arise in the future. Our aim is for you to buy a property in Hungary without sorrow, so that you can enjoy your new home or home away from home.

Hungarian real estate contract are relatively simple, but must be effected in the Hungarian language. That is why we will supply you with a (standard) translation in the English language. Furthermore, if you have bought a property from our stock, we will provide you – for free – with our ‘Basic Service Level Package’.